The Style of Contemporary Beds

Jul 21st

Contemporary beds – In the top three of objects that we find more pleasant in a house, next to a soft sofa and a large fridge full of food, lies the bed. Place where we dream and object of desire when we are tired or dreaming with open eyes, the bed is the only indispensable part of a bedroom. In fact, a space becomes a bedroom not by the color of its walls, by its curtains or by its shape; it becomes a bedroom when a bed dwells in space. It does not matter if a headboard does not accompany him; Do not even need bedside tables; If there is a bed the room has a very clear use: sleeping (and from there bedroom).

Wooden Contemporary Beds
Wooden Contemporary Beds

The fact that this piece is essential makes your choice a complicated task. Nor does a little light shed on our indecision the infinity of designs, shapes and sizes that we can find today in the market. Double or simple? If there are two of us who are going to sleep in it, the answer is clear. However, if we are only one we will have to let ourselves be guided by space. A high contemporary beds or Japanese design next to the floor? In this fact only our taste will influence. However, we must comment that the lower the bed is, the more unnoticed the bed passes in space. With headboard or without? If we want to protect the face, the headboard will not be possibility, it will be an obligation.

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However, there are different types: More discreet pieces or others that make the bed become a real throne capturing all the protagonist of the bed.  If we look for an elegant stay and a sophisticated design, this design can represent the image that we have in our head. If a bed can inspire delicacy, of course it is this. A thin leather mattress, reminiscent of a Japanese futon, rests on a light metal mattress. This is not a conventional contemporary beds, we know. However, if we look for a simple stay with little decoration, where a piece of furniture becomes a fetish object, this is the option.   With surfaces finished in intense brightness, this bed will be the object of desire of the most passionate. Black and red, two colors that when fused get a most striking effect. The XL size of this headboard along with its quilted finish creates in this bed a noble, but at the same time modern look: the bed of a contemporary palace.

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