Rustic Contemporary Living Room and Contemporary

Dec 2nd

Rustic contemporary living room – Pieces with rustic finish are the must have for living rooms in 2017. Be it the television panel, the sideboard or the coffee table, the trend leaves the room cozy and breaks the linearity characteristic of urban homes. According to Andressa Savi, product manager of StoreKD “furniture with wood shafts well marked have been a constant in the universe of decor and have come to stay.” This does not mean leaving aside the urban footprint and its more sober tones. The color palette rustic contemporary living room for this year is filled with grayish variations, whether for walls, rugs or upholstery, from the light to the dark and the hotter colors – which approach the beige and brown – to the colder ones.

The rustic contemporary living room trend of blending wood with grays is perfect for multifunctional houses and apartments, where the living room and dining room occupy the same ambiance. This arrangement presents some challenges in terms of decoration, since one of the rooms prizes more for comfort and the other for practicality, but both must have cohesion with each other. “If the living room has a wood-paneled TV panel, for example, choosing a dining table with the same material structure and glass top results in a harmonious combination,” says Andressa.

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Although wooden furniture and neutral tones give balance to the environment, “the color can not be left out,” recommends the expert of StoresKD. The colors should appear on the details and accessories such as cushions, vases and other decorative pieces. “The dining table chairs can bring an ethnic print, full of striking tones and geometric features that give movement and life to the room,” he adds.

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To get inspired to decorate the part of the rustic contemporary living room that will welcome family and friends, StoreKD works with complete environments. There are about 4 thousand suggestions, plus more than 20 thousand products, both for the living room and other rooms, and combinations can be purchased online at the e-commerce site. “We want to make life easier for those who want to decorate, but there is some doubt in the matter,” says Andressa.