Modern Contemporary Furniture and Influences

Nov 19th

Modern Contemporary Furniture – Contemporary furniture designs are emerging through a combination of thought-provoking, innovative, technological advancements and the ability to produce exceptional furniture at a more affordable price. The industrial revolution also plays a big role in this, especially in terms of cheaper materials, access to factory space and the ability to make artistic pieces of furniture at a price that is more suitable for the wider community. From the end of the 19th century, designers began to look at a sleeker and simpler design for modern furniture. Whereas in the past furniture has been built almost entirely of wood, so the pieces are too high to show greatness and luxury.

Contemporary Furniture Website
Contemporary Furniture Website

This access to new material and different ways of working allows designers to make items more compact and simple. This new furniture design is more easily incorporated into the living room as needed and also gives buyers the opportunity to purchase items that are an expression of their own personal tastes, with fewer limitations. Modern contemporary furniture is known for being useful and functional but with a creative slant that sees modern furniture is often viewed as a work of art by itself.

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Odd angles, clean lines, curved shapes and materials like metal and plastic plastics pave the way for modern furniture to infiltrate into our consciousness. It is hard to ignore the striking design of contemporary pieces of furniture – the fluidity and sharpness often used in this design makes people really start to sit and pay attention to modern furniture. Many designers modern contemporary furniture are also well known for their remarkable architects – contemporary furniture is really about functional items that are viewed as architectural and artistic designs. Architects such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright and even Antoni Gaudi began to incorporate contemporary furniture design into their overall architectural vision. Gaudi often designs pieces of furniture to complement the exciting feel of the building, creating a harmony between the outer structure and the internal decoration.

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