Key Of Create Perfect Contemporary Style

Dec 28th

Contemporary style – reflects the here and now, what it is to live in 2017 and the sum of current trends , such as pastel pink walls , gold finishes , marble covered and large. Now do not worry, because the trends in interior design do not change as fast as in fashion, so it is likely that a contemporary space a couple of years ago will continue to be seen within the style. If goggles “contemporary style” you are likely to find very generic spaces, many of them are very realistic 3D models, which tends to see “lack of life” and in my opinion no house should look like this.

Wall Contemporary Style
Wall Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is characterized by the eclectic mix of materials: wood, stone, metal, concrete, textiles … all coexist well in the same space, providing visual richness, so if you want to achieve a contemporary style dare to mix. There is only one condition for this mixture to work, which I set out in the next point. For the space to feel contemporary the idea is to make an eclectic mix but maintaining a uniform color palette. In this practice mainly emphasizes the application of color tone on tone – and I do not mean the product to dye to the hair – but to play with different shades, from the clearest to the darkest, of the same color.

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Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen and leather are incorporated in this style for their natural appearance, and help to give warmth to spaces. The large pieces are a strong trend these days, the problem is that they are usually quite expensive, but if you can make the investment you will surely be a focal point for your contemporary style space. The lighting is elevated to the status of “piece of art” in contemporary interior design. Metallic straight lines and finishes (chrome, silver, gold and bronze) are characteristic of this style.

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