It was a good amount of fun reading through these stories today as they reference places from all over the country and even a bit from far, far away.  Thanks to The Mother-in-law again for passing along some good stuff.

Definitely all over the map today . . .

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Since I have been just a bit scattered this week mentally I am very glad that The Wife and Seattle Jeff kicked a few nuggets of beer news my way.  My brain thanks you both very much.

Even a few videos this week . . .

feature craftbeer50  01  600 Three Wise Men



Occasionally there are beer labels on the bottles of home brewed beer I make, but those labels are from the breweries who beer I drank to get those bottles.  Since starting to brew at home I have wanted to make my own labels but never really had the desire to take the time to start from scratch.  It seems that I don’t have to do that to start making my own labels though. gives me the base to start from and also allows me to customize a label to my own liking.  I look forward to using it soon to create a label for my recent batch of pumpkin beer and I can’t wait to see how the tool evolves as more and more people use it.  Did I mention that it is free?!

On with the news we go . . .

fd beer1116 4 The Spirit is There


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