Initially I started off with just a few links today and then things got a little out of hand.  After happily including some input from The Mother-in-law I also went on to include more and more and more stories until finally making myself stop.  That is why I am well into double digits for the number of news items this week.

Let’s get to it . . .

AverySourFest1 thumb 565x375 The Mustache Wins



Though we were able to get our Christmas packages mailed out to family and friends on Monday it really just hit me yesterday that Christmas is actually next Sunday.  Of course that means that the beginning of 2012 is closer than I thought as well.  Anyway, thanks to The Mother-in-law and my friend Gerard for passing along some good stuff this week.

Positive news all around . . .

sn cans 575 Shiny Green Cans



At some point I need to really put a filter on these news posts before I get into the twenties with the number that I link to.  That day is coming, but not today.  Many thanks as usual to The Wife for throwing a few good ones my way.

Anxiously awaiting Sunday morning . . . .

1547HA.Em.156 A Future Long Weekend


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