Since there was some good feedback on the first video that I posted for my brewing process, it is time to try another one.  Really this is long overdue.  Though usually once the bottling process is started I don’t like to stop, I was able to basically summarize the routine in a few minutes.  There was only one chance at doing this shoot, so fortunately I had a great person on the camera (The Wife) and there were no major catastrophes from me.

Before getting on with the video I will update you on what was not shown.  You will not see that I had already boiled the 4.5 oz of corn sugar in 2 cups of water, cooled it, then added it to the bottling bucket before racking the wort and adding the blueberry flavoring to finish off this recipe.  This was my first time using flavoring and not real fruit, so we will see how that ultimately turns out.

The final hydrometer reading left it with a specific gravity of about 1.0169, giving it approximately 5.76% ABV.  It was down a little from when it was transferred to secondary, but still is the highest of any beer that I have brewed to date.  After tasting the sample that was pulled off, the flavor was very good and the blueberry was there just enough.  I think it will be really nice in the end.

Now onto today’s production . . .

It also turns out that I got the highest yield of filled bottles from this batch than I have ever before, so I must be getting a bit more efficient with all of this practice.  Soon I will have to plan for the next one (or two).

Stay tuned for the official review!

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